Compare an original photo with Google Earth view

Here you see an original photo of Mount Matier (2770 m, middle) and  Joffre Peak (2721 m, right), shot at the Duffey Lake Road 99, northwest of Whistler in Canada. The photo was taken with a 35 mm film equivilant zoom of 78 mm, that is a 78/50 = 1.56 zoom factor. 
Below you see the Google Earth view from the same standpoint. I have zoomed into the view with a factor of 1.53 in order to account for the zoom in the original photo above.
The comparision does not look spectacular, but try yourself Google Earth and move a little around and watch the horizons and lines of the hills shift against each other. A 3 D view is quite sensitive to the stand point of the camera or eye respectively!

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