Fimmvördurhals eruption: Foto - Google Earth view comparision

Please compare the following photo of the 2010-03 eruption provided by the Icelandic Met Office  (Fotographer Ólafur Sigurjónsson)
with the below  Google Earth view (click to enlarge):

I have tried to find the position of the flight plane  and the Google Earth point of view (and the zoom factor) so that the pictures conform (horizon lines,landmarks like rock slides in both pictures,...).  Actually I made the first time a mistake, choosing the wrong valley to the east as tiny green pointed out to me in his comment (see below). I have corrected this by choosing a better point of view in the Google Earth view above.
The Google Earth view shows also the current lava flow in purple and the position of the eruption and the position of the Fimmvördurhals hut, overlayed by a Google .kml file provided by Thomas Nygreen (thanks!).
This .kml file  overlays a detailled map
into the Google Earth (I never did that).
I include it below (mostly for myself) to see where the eruption is:
As you see on this map the lava flow from the eruption spreads over the walking path from Fimmvördurhals hut to Thorsmörk.

More Info see at ScienceBlog of Eruption

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