Fimmvörðuhálsi eruption continues unbowed after 10 days

Today 31th, March in the morning perfect weather at the eruption site allows good coverage from the webcams

a) Vodafone webcam

This is a view from Thorolfsfell (Thorsmörk valley) in direction SE with an wide angle (above) and tele view (below):
On the right side is seen the cinder cone of the main vent with the (small) smoke column rising. More dominant in the middle is the large steam column which formed today in the early morning.

b) 2 Mila webcams
One from south (Fimmvörðuhálsi) which is quite close to the vent 

and the second from north,  similar to the Vodofone webcam.
It seems -just from watching the webcams- Fimmvörðuhálsi eruption continues unbowed !

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